Conceived on July 17, 2002 by LaShanna R. Price

About Us

The name, Wordz & Rhythmz, was conceived on July 17, 2002 by LaShanna R. Price to illustrate the nature of the spoken word and performing arts programs that would be presented.


Are original poetry, songs or short stories written to:
-Share spiritual and romantic love where hatred runs rampant.
-Explore the struggles man encounters and express how he overcomes.
-Impart the hope man seeks after when all else seems doubtful.


Often referred to as “musical cadences” or “beats,” the rhythms found in the events organized by Wordz & Rhythmz describe the musical performances and/or the verse built solely on a melody that are presented.


The Wordz & Rhythmz portfolio includes works published since the early 1990s, and ranges from spiritual and inspirational, to romantic love and love lost.

A piece, or pieces, can be written specifically for a function or event, or chosen from the current portfolio. All material written at the request of the client for Wordz & Rhythmz presentations remain the sole property of Wordz & Rhythmz for use in both the Wordz & Rhythmz portfolio and/or a function/event held by an unrelated client, and cannot be used without written consent from the author.


Acting/Directing ~ LaShanna has trained in acting and directing for live theatre at Samford University, and Bethune-Cookman College under the dearly departed Demetrius Wharton. She has worked with and directed Adeniyi Coker, friend and former student of Nobel Prize playwright Wole Soyinka, in the Southern debut of Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman. She was also Assistant Director for Make It Happen Theatre’s production of Black Nativity.

Singing ~ With a church choir background, LaShanna has trained with Opera Singer, Daphne Dunston-Wharton, and studied Musical Theatre performance under W. Randall Richardson. She has been tackling jazz, and her musical flow has been compared to the stylistics of the amazing Jill Scott. With an alto belt and mezzo soprano range, LaShanna continues studying to transform her voice to fit a style of music depending on what is needed while enhancing her own, original voice.

Voice-Over ~ LaShanna has trained with Marie Prater, C.S.A., and the “Man of Many Voices,” national Voice Talent, Ken Osbourn, and can offer a range of voices for television, film and radio.

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