Hiphop Artist Says 2020 Upheaval “A Good Thing”

A Good Thing Single Cover Art
©2020 Responsible Media LLC. All Rights Reserved. A Good Thing single cover art, with sketch of Constantine the Emcee drawn by Priscilla Hall.




With the holidays fast-approaching, social media statuses sadly stagnate on the woes of an exhausting global pandemic, racial upheaval, and America’s election debacle.

From overworked essential workers to frazzled parents juggling remote learners and insane workloads, many are simply wondering: what good has come out of 2020?

Ask neoclassic hiphop artist, Constantine the Emcee,

and a voice of calm and reason simply replies, “Life.”

After all, this Thanksgiving Day, the Birmingham-based producer released his feel-good groove, “A Good Thing,” across all digital streaming platforms, which is inspiring people to focus on appreciating their families and the moment they have with them, right now.

“A Good Thing” arrives just in time for all to celebrate love and the value of life itself, while honoring the memories of those who are no longer with us.

This song will cause pause for reflection on everything negative but refocus perspectives to cut through the noise and embrace what is tangible.

Having been one to have encountered deaths of loved ones and loss of all material possessions, Constantine the Emcee is no stranger to tragedy.

The human challenge is to nurture and love life, no matter what state we’re in.

“In the 2008 recession, my family and I lost absolutely everything the day our eldest daughter was born. Two years later, we were both laid off, and on the day we were evicted, found out we were expecting our son,” said Constantine the Emcee.

“We are living proof that even in the greatest of losses, life happens, and it is still a good thing. The human challenge is to nurture and love life, no matter what state we’re in.”

Constantine the Emcee is the second artist to debut on the Responsible Media LLC (RM) independent record label, which officially began its quiet journey in 2008.

On the heels of releasing the magnanimous song, “Runnin’,” just this past June, followed by the sleek track, “Black Bentley,” in September, the rap artist remains diligent at making music reminiscent of old school Hiphop, which can be consumed and enjoyed by anyone and everyone for years to come, despite the state of life itself.

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